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Crossing Paths: The Intersection of Trauma and Addiction explores issues that are common among both diagnoses. It examines not only the differences but the similarities that affects individuals who are attempting to heal and move forward from the trauma or addiction. This book by combining the two topics and giving personal case antidotes from a counselor who is currently dealing with both trauma and addictions. The book separates the two for a historical purpose and then combines the two again for biological comparisons. It is written from a first-person perspective with the hopes that adding personal experiences will aid the reader in understanding more clearly what both trauma and addictions looks like and how it affects counselors. This book aims to take a different standpoint on trauma and addictions, with a call to action for therapists and for people in general to begin healing each other.

The second part of the book provides hands on interventions to use moving individuals along in healing from both trauma and addiction. It gives examples of how to use each intervention and rationale on when to choose one over another. There is also the option of downloading the pages from the authors webpage, so that the readers do not have to create the pages themselves.

Crossing Paths

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